jennie mcguirk & betsy winchell

  Brilliant Collective: Betsy Winchell (top left) Jennie McGuirk (bottom right) 

Brilliant Collective: Betsy Winchell (top left) Jennie McGuirk (bottom right) 

Jennie McGuirk and Betsy Winchell, met in 2010 while working together in the Los Angeles fashion industry. As well as recognizing their award-winning power as a creative team, they bonded over their mutual love of conscious consumerism, creative problem solving and inspiring people. Thus Brilliant Collective was born. 

British Creative Director & Design Strategist, Jennie, began writing for the ethical fashion world in 2011 and is a passionate advocate of sustainable design thinking. She has long embraced fashion as a vehicle for self-expression and has a natural desire to place the human experience at the heart of all she creates. 

Betsy's formative years were spent between Washington D.C. and Montana with a camera in her hand. The diversity of her experiences helped her learn how to adapt to different kinds of people with different ways of life. Her work is a fusion of both documentary and lifestyle photography. She likes to move with her subjects, seeing things from their perspective, experiencing and visiting different ways of being. She has a gifted way of understanding her subjects and capturing their essence.